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What is Sandaband®?

SAND for ABANDonment
U.S Patent # 6,715,543
U.S. Patent # 7,258,174
April 2017 News:
The company Sandaband Well Plugging has not been able to sustain operations in today's business environment.
The Mother Company, Sandaband AS, which is the patent holder will now be point of contact, with the same management in place until further notice.

Foto: SWP
Foto: SWP
Sandaband is a unique non-consolidating, non-segregating, non-shrinking and non-fracturing  well plugging material. The combination of individual high-strength quartz particles with bingham-plastic properties makes Sandaband an ideal well barrier, suitable for any downhole conditions, including HPHT, CO2 and H2S.
Creating a permanent robust barrier against over-pressurised formations has always been a challenge in the petroleum industry. Temperature fluctuations, chemical degradation, subsidence, compaction, faults or minor quakes can easily stress a brittle sealing material beyond its strength, eventually permitting gas or fluid flow to adjacent zones or to the surface.
Our company, Sandaband AS, is the exclusive provider of the material globally, and delivers a complete solution including all necessary equipment and personnel for planning, logistics and execution of Sandaband well plugging services.
 Download a presentation here: OLF workshop 2011 (PDF, opens in new page)

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